Animated Grave Digger Prop!

Finished my latest prop! Its an animated grave digger that I can’t wait to put out in the yard this year! I built it using an old shovel, a Walgreens skeleton, and a wiper motor from Fright props! The whole project only took about an hour to finish and I am really happy with the way it turned out! Let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Animated Grave Digger Prop!

  1. This is a great prop We followed your instructions and it’s perfect. I used a raindeer motor. It’s slower but what I had around

  2. Here’s a question for the pro’s what do you do when you have yard haunted for years but moved and only get 5 ToT’s now. any thoughts I set up early to hopefully make people want to visit.

    • That’s a constant fear of mine, that maybe one day I might have to move into a place that has no TOTs living near by! Honestly I think you are on the right path not much you can do other than set up early and try to create a buzz to spread the word around and hope nearby TOTs convince their parents to make the trip!

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