Restless Tombstone Animated Halloween Prop

Halloween is coming soon(if you are a Halloween nutjob like I am it is) and what better time to start making some new animated props for this year! I really wanted to make something using a reindeer motor again this year because they are cheap, waterproof, and just plain work.  The only downside is they are not very powerful and because of that you will find some limitation in what they can and can’t do. I built this restless tombstone out of scrap wood, scrap foam, and a reindeer motor I bought from for 12 bucks.  This was a very easy and very quick to make prop.  I wanted to add some life to my graveyard this year and thought this was the perfect way to do so.   Check out the video to see how I built it. Let me know what you think!!


3 thoughts on “Restless Tombstone Animated Halloween Prop

  1. Love it!! I have a reindeer that doesn’t light up any more, but the motor works. This is perfect. Thank you…I’m excited!! 😉

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