2014 Walk Through Video And Photos!

Here is a quick walk through video of the yard right now. Of course we have lots of things that wont go out until the big night itself (more animatronics and props) so be sure to keep an eye out for a video of that when it happens! In the meantime check out the video and the photos below!



4 thoughts on “2014 Walk Through Video And Photos!

  1. I saw your video on the Frightprops skull. I have one here along with a Costco Pose-n-stay. I have yet to mount the skull to the skeleton. I am also working on finding audio sources. I intend to drive the audio input via a compact CD/MP3 player, with the source volume turned up as suggested to move the jaw, and run the audio through powered speakers. Do you have anything on CD or MP3 format you can forward my way? The skull doesn’t do well with ambient noise. I mounted it to a base for testing and ran “I ain’t got no body (David Lee Roth)” and it wasn’t pretty, but pretty darn funny. lol I was also wondering about the window projections you have as they are really neat in my book. I did manage to set up a static display of the pose-n-stays this year and had more trick or treaters show up. Your yard is the bomb with regards to Halloween. Please help me out if able. Any suggestions are welcome. Be safe and be well, Hawk

    • Hi Chris! Thanks for the kind words!!! I thought long and hard about what to do for sounds for my talking skull and in the end I had a friend of mine record a few lines for me giving the rules and stuff of Eerie Acres Cemetery and it worked out great with just the voice track. I was going to do it myself but didnt want to hear my voice all night long haha. I would use a free program called audacity to record a voice track. Its super easy to use and will out put the file into an mp3 or wav. You can use any mic you want on your computer and record just a voice track and not have to worry about any outside noises causing the skull to act funny. The window projections are from Atmosfearfx they are a mixture of a couple of their DVDs from Ghostly Apparitions and Bone Chillers! The female maid is from a video my friend created over at Van Oaks Cemetery you can find him on youtube and the Halloween forums! I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any more information!

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