Halloween Window Projections for 2013

Just a quick video showing our ghosts that live upstairs for the month of October! I am using the Ghost Maid animation from fellow haunter Dminorsound on the left and the Ghostly Apparitions Head of the House animation from AtmosfearFX on the right!  This is all done using rear projection onto white shower curtains hung up in the windows. On Halloween night we will have one more animation running in the large bay window downstairs but that one is a surprise!


4 thoughts on “Halloween Window Projections for 2013

  1. We just bought the same 3M mobile projector that you had used for the AtmosFear fx dvd. We can’t figure out what kind of cord to buy to make it work with a dvd player. Could you be specific about which cord you used? Thanks for your time.


    • Hi Michelle I used the 3m composite cable part number 78-6972-0006-7 however 3M posted on their this year that have discontinued production of all of their projectors! 3M is no longer making any projectors at all!! Sadly this means the cable is impossible to find and everywhere I look it seems to be sold out. You might have luck finding a used one on ebay perhaps? I am really sad 3M is no longer making these products as I bought a few extra projectors that I dont have cables for either now!

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