A quick look at our 2013 setup!

photo 5

We are pretty much all setup for 2013! Check out the pics below! There are a few surprises still planned for the big night which are not in these photos so you will have to come by if you can! If not we will have more pics after the big night.   We will have our signing pumpkins out each Sunday night this month!! From 7-9 be sure to stop by and check them out!



2 thoughts on “A quick look at our 2013 setup!

  1. Great project! I love this kinda stuff. I liked your ground crypt so much..that I made one for our haunted cemetery in an old mill in our town. I have the styrofoam lid mounted to a 3/4″ x 3-1/2″ pine “picture frame” to keep it flat…….however the lid doesn’t slide very well against the base…I’m using a animation gearmotor rated at 6 in-lb. Any tips to make the lid slide easier…..I’m thinking of maybe using a narrower picture frame maybe made of popular…….I’m having a hard time trying to find as bigger tourque motor…..any suggestions would be appreciated!!

    • Thats great!!! I would love to see pics of it all finished! As for helping the lid slide I added small wheels to the base so that the lid could rest on the wheels and slide easier if watch the video in my work in progress post you will see the wheel at the end of the video when I take the lid off. Hope this helps!!

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