Singing Pumpkin Update!

I just wanted to make an updated video show the progress I am making on my singing pumpkin display for this year. I ditched the iphone and created a headstone to hide speakers in to hold the pumpkins up!

10 thoughts on “Singing Pumpkin Update!

  1. Silly question….How did you rip the DVD video ts files to the USB drive? I bought the micca spec player and the atmosfear fx DVD but apparently the files are encrypted and I am unable to copy them to a USB drive. Tried using both my pc and mac and have the same issue.

    • I used two programs, Anydvd from slysoft to rip the files to my hard drive then used mobiledvd also from slysoft to convert the files into mp4 files and moved them over to a SD card. Both programs have a free 14 day trial that should be able to those things for you

    • The singing pumpkins are an animation that I bought not an actual program so they only play out certain stories and songs. The animations match the songs and stories. There are a few people on youtube who will do custom animation work when it comes to the singing pumpkins you may want to check there and see what kind of prices they would charge for custom stuff.

    • Thanks!!! Yup thats right but be sure to shop around for the projector, Amazon recently had them for as low as 98 bucks a few weeks ago so I bought a second one! Also keep in mind if you do use a media player with the projector you will need to buy the composite cables for the projector which are also on amazon for 18 bucks.

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