Creating a Halloween Photo Op

So recently while looking around on Pinterest I cam across this photo of a photo op booth used at a wedding. I instantly thought it would make for a cool Halloween Photo op with some work and creativity.  So I set out to make my own version that would look like something from a long forgotten Victorian era mansion.

Its nice but needs work

Its nice but needs work

With a vision in mind I got to work building the wall.  My idea was to have numerous frames on the wall and the center largest frame would be the photo op spot.  I designed it so that TOTs could stand behind it and have it appear as if they were the main focus on the wall with the other photos.


I also used a stencil and some spray paint to create a damask styled look to the wall.


I bought a bunch of frames from Micheals on clearance and painted them gold to give them that Victorian era look that I was going for.  I was also able to find a bunch of really great Victorian era pictures online from this website .  I printed them and placed them in the frames that I bought. I still have one more frame to put in the upper right hand corner once I find a photo to print that I like.


I felt it would benefit from some light so I added some sconces to the wall as well.  I couldnt find any that I liked for a good price so I settled on these chrome ones.  I wanted them to look better suited to the scene to I painted them black and glued on these plastic fence finials that  I had laying around.  You can click the photos to see larger images

So this is what is looks like so far. Of course I plan to add a piece of chair guard rail to that unpainted spot you see going across the wall. I also plan to put my table with the ghost phone and other antiques on it in front of the wall on the right hand side and an antique chair with a skeleton on the left hand side.  I will start looking for a chair in the coming weekends and hopefully have the scene completely finished soon. I need to finish the wiring for the scones as well which I plan to put on a dimmer so as not to give off too much light.  I will add more photos once I do!




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