Finally Finished My Crypt Wall!!!

After working on it for months now I was determined to finish it this past weekend and so I did!  Check out the photos and the video below and be sure to let me know what you think! I can’t wait to see how TOTs respond to it this year on the big night!  I really hope they enjoy it!  As we get closer to the big night I will try to take some night time shots of it with the candles lit up.


12 thoughts on “Finally Finished My Crypt Wall!!!

  1. Awesome! I was wondering where you bought your magnets and how long it took to make the walls? Also, how much in total it cost? Thank you!

  2. Thanks! I got the magnets from Northen Tool but they also sell them on amazon The whole project took me a few months mostly because I get very limited time to work on my props work and family stuff keeps me pretty busy. With enough time it could be made in two weekends or even one. I used 6 4×8 foam panels which were around 13 bucks apiece. The wood I had laying around already for the candle holders. Hope that helps!! If you need more info just let me know!

  3. This is great! I’m learning every year more and more about DIY halloween and I LOVE your work!! How do you get the tombstones to stick to the styrofoam sheets?

    • Thanks!!! The tombstones are made out of the same styrofoam sheets I simply glued them on using gorilla glue!! Gorilla glue works really well with foam but it requires a long time to dry and needs to be clamped. So I lay all of the sheets flat and cover them with large pieces of wood while they dry

  4. On ATMOSFX DVD’s, they show your head stone design to conceal your white, small size projector, for the signing pumpkins FX. Where did you purchase your small projector, and what was the cost, if you don’t mind sharing?

    Thanks, and wonderful work you do.

    Gainesville, Florida

    • I dont mind at all! I bought the projector on clearance from Target actually for 90 dollars however sadly 3M no longer makes this projector or any of the accessories for it! You can still find some on ebay including the all black version which is the same but already has the correct cables that come with it for connecting to a media player but they seem to be really expensive now! Atmosfearfx actually made their own projector this year and includes a sd card reader built right into it so it will play files itself and no need for anything else. Its just over 100 bucks I think? I bought one and havent had much time to play with it but its small and would be perfect for doing singing pumpkins it probably wouldnt work so well for anything larger than that honestly. I will try to do a review for it soon!

      • Interesting… thank you for your reply.

        In the mean time, I have found and purchased 2 mid size projectors for about $89 each, off of Amazon. They come in white, black and red. The box reads: LED Light Source, mini LED Projector, called iDGLAX. They came in the mail within 2 days after ordering them. It comes with an USB, SD, HDMI, VGA, Audio out ports, AV, and 5V mobile power supply. It has a menu & source button, an up, down, and left volume and right volume button all on top. It’s powered by a DC 12V adapter. They are 300 lumens, and also come with a remote control.

        I haven’t tried them yet, and will begin to test them this weekend. Again, thank you for your time and response.


      • Oh, one other thing, the iDGLAX projector comes with a small remote control and RCA cables….


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