Got Our New Fog Machines From Halloween FX Props


We didn’t leave the Halloween Extreme Convention two weeks ago without spending some money!  We met up with the fine folks at Halloween FX Props and were really impressed with their fog machines, so much so that we bought two of them!  We ended up buying their big daddy Swamp Creeper which is just incredible, so incredible that while testing it out yesterday three of my neighbors came by to make sure the house wasn’t on fire.  The second one we bought is the UP Fogger.  After winning the prop building contest and winning 200 dollars in dealers bucks it was a no brainer to spend that money on more fog machines!  I made a quick video to show you guys what each machine is capable of.  Also I used Froggys fog juice for the first time ever and lets just say I will never buy anything other than their fog again.  When I first tried the up fogger at home I put some cheap fog juice I had left over from Spirit Halloween last year and it was so disappointing I thought that perhaps the machine was broken, then I put Froggys in and WOW what a difference. I will make a video showing the difference in juices as well soon.


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