We Won First Place in the Mystery Box Prop Challenge at Halloween Extreme


My wife and I won first place this past weekend at the Halloween Extreme Mystery Box Prop Challenge!  I am so thrilled it was such a blast!  The even worked like a twisted version of the cooking show Chopped.  Each of the 10 teams of 2 had access to a pile of random items(mostly garbage) up on the main stage but the real challenge came from the mystery box which had 5 items in it and all of them needed to be used in the prop.  We were given a pigs head, a severed arm, a fake tree stump, a white sheet, and a medical device who’s name I do not know.  I grabbed a pillow from the main stage and a few other items.  At first I was at a total lost of what to make given the items on hand but quickly I decided to make a gory pig feast.  I made a body out of the pillow and attached the pigs head, my wife attached skeleton feet to it and we just went from there!  The judges aptly named our entry “PIGFOOT” haha.  It was a total blast doing this event and we had probably close to 100 people or so watching us as worked.  We only had 40 minutes from start to finish to create a prop and numerous people kept coming up to us to tell us they loved what we were doing with the items we had!  When smoke cleared and the fake blood stopped flying everywhere we were given first place!  We won 200 dollars to spend at the show which we quickly spent on a new fog machine!!  Check out the pics below and let me know what you think!

Even Inside the Magic was at this eveny and grabbed this great pic of PIGFOOT shortly after the contest had just started!
Halloween Extreme 2013


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