Finally Bought A Dremel For Making Tombstones


Man I really wish I had bought this thing a long time ago!  I was using one of those little battery powered dremels with a sanding stone to previously do all of my tombstone carvings.  Now that I have this I have seen the light!  This thing is a blast to use, its so easy simple and does an amazing job!  This is one of the stones for my Crypt wall facade that I am working on, thats one down, only 7 more to go!  Hopefully in the next month or so I can get some time to really work on it and finish it.


6 thoughts on “Finally Bought A Dremel For Making Tombstones

      • I draw the lettering on using stencils and just line everything up by eye to be honest. Then I use the router attachment on the dremel to carefully cut each letter out. Once the weather here gets better I can hopefully do a video showing how I make them!

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