Big Haunts From A Little Box


I was in the market for a small and easy to use HD Media player that would simply loop some media files for me. I wanted to play my AtmosfearFX files without having to put a dvd player or equally bulky item outside somewhere near my TV.  I saw a few HD media players on Halloween Prop sites but they wanted almost 200 dollars even for just a simple one that did nothing more than play a video, no trigger inputs or anything of the such.  I came across this Micca Speck on amazon and after reading the reviews decided to buy it, and I couldnt be happier!  This little guy was cheap and works like a champ. Check out the little video I made for it


9 thoughts on “Big Haunts From A Little Box

  1. Does it have a way to trigger? If not, have you seen one that could easily be adapted to loop a video or still frame and then trigger an animation and go back again? Cheapest one I’ve seen that I know does this is $189 from a haunt store. Thanks!

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