My Animated Crypt Work In Progress


So this is my latest WIP an animated crypt that will be placed in the yard near the sidewalk. Its going to be part of a larger funeral scene that I am going to setup complete with black flower wreathes and a few other items. Huge thanks to my neighbor Chuck for providing the motor to bring it to life. I was originally trying to use a wiper motor but it was just too fast even with the picovolt controller to slow it down. I may add a light to the inside and a few other things still. I have a few more pieces to put on it when I finally paint it as well. I will add pics once its all finished


4 thoughts on “My Animated Crypt Work In Progress

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  2. Please send me detailed instructions how to build the animated crypt halloween prop. I bought the animated cemetery angel at Spirit halloween. This would go so great with it. I would use blue LED lightening on my cemetery angel. Please include UPC codes if you have them. I can then go to THEFIND.COM enter the UPC codes and find it & buy it fast. THANKS, KERRY GITCHEL

  3. Just wanted to leave a comment and say that all your ideas and props are freaking awesome!! I’m trying to get into to it myself. Where do you buy all the motors for the props? I’ve looked online for reindeer motors and can’t seem to find any.
    I’d really like to start off building a animated Crypt that one is pretty sweet. But I need to find a motor. Can you help me. Thanks

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