Got A LCD TV For My Yard Haunt This Year!!


My wife is awesome.  She recently got a set of giftcards to Target totaling up to 150 bucks!  She was kind enough to let me use that money for more Halloween awesomeness!  I bought a 24 inch LCD TV with the money and I plan to use AtmosfearFX’s Unliving Portraits with it.  This piece will of course only be put out on the big night itself and will serve as a painting in front of a Tomb I am currently working on as well.  It will be surrounded by flower wreathes as well and the whole setup will hopefully look like a recent funeral.  I think I am going to paint the frame gold so it stands out better at night. If the frame cant be seen it will appear as if I just have a tv there with a changing image on it instead of a painting in a frame.  Hopefully the DVD should arrive next week and I will create a video of the prop at that point. The frame was bought from Micheals on clearance for 5 bucks and is being held in place by Velcro so I can easily take it back off when I want to.


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