I have the greatest neighbors in the world


So my neighbor’s son works for a beverage company, selling beers and what not to local bars and stores I believe.  Anyway recently around Christmas time I noticed he had a large 6 foot tall statue of the man himself, Jack Daniels, in his garage.  After it sat there untouched for a month or so I decided to ask if it was possible he could maybe get another one as I would love to have one for my yard haunt.  He ended up giving me the statue since they had no need for it.  This thing is great!

The huge bows give him a really creepy clown vibe, nice but not what I need from it haha

As you can see it started out white which simply wont work for my needs.  I am not 100% sure what this thing is made of, its extremely light and seems to be some kind of fiberglass mold but I cant tell for sure.  Because I’m not sure what its made of I can’t say for certain that its waterproof.  I decided to coat it in some black drylock to be sure to keep the Florida rain from ruining it.  After that I gave it a nice coat of gray to help make it look more like stone.  That’s how he is sitting for the time being, I plan to do some dry brushing to him to give him more of an aged statue look.  He is going to make for a great piece to my graveyard this year!



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