Created the rest of my Crypt Wall Pieces


I had some free time over the weekend to do some more work on my crypt wall pieces. I now have all 4 pieces created which will cover the entire garage door from left to right.  I have decided that I am going to make a second set of tomb pieces to attach to these.  I deiced to do that because I was afraid at its current half inch difference in height the tombs might not really be noticeable once the entire pieces are painted up.

Also creating a second set allows me to do all of the detail work needed for each of them before attaching them to the larger pieces, which should make that process go a lot easier. Hopefully in a few weeks I can create the tombs and add the details to them.  Once that is done I will attach them and start the painting process.  I have a few more ideas and surprises in my head that I am toying with so we will see, if they turn out well I will let everyone know.


This metal cutting guide is the best 20 bucks I have ever spent. It covers both 4 feet and 8 feet sections to make perfect straight cuts each time.


Here you can see the marking I made so I know where to place the tomb covers and where to cut the whole for the magnet that holds the piece to the garage door


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