My Second Tombstone, Also My Largest


I finally got access to foam here in South Florida and went a little over board in this project. I wanted to make a large tombstone with an urn on top.  I built a wooden frame since the only foam I can buy is 1/2 inch I knew it wouldnt stand on its own.  Inside is a boxed wooden frame made from 1x3s.  I was not able to find an urn that I liked but I did find this pineapple finial thing and decided it would make a good substitute.  My neighbor Chuck was kind enough to let me borrow his hotwire foam cutter which I used to make the front piece.  I used my dry brush technique to paint it and was very happy with the outcome.  I will be doing of my props using this technique from now on.



Here you can see the project starting to come together as well as the finial before I applied any paint.




This is what everything looked like after the first layer of flat black base coat. I am actually using a garage floor epoxy that I got from the oops paint pile at Homedepot and I like it alot!


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