My Halloween Setup for 2012 Both Day and Night


Here are a couple of videos showing my Halloween setup from last year.  The first is a quick daytime run through and the second is a dusk/night time run through.  The pumpkins in the tree are not real they are fake and are hooked up to a gemmy halloween light show box which is what creates the cool light show you see.


2 thoughts on “My Halloween Setup for 2012 Both Day and Night

  1. Did you make the fence out of PVC? I noticed in another video it looked like there were a ton of fence finials drying from being painted. It looks super awesome!!

    • Thanks! This particular fence in this video was store bought and made of metal however I gotten rid of it for this year. I made a new fence out of wood and PVC completely by hand to cover the entire yard. I am expanding my setup to include all of the yard out to the sidewalk! I should have a new video of the setup for this year very soon as I plan to put things out this weekend if its not raining! Building the fence for this year was a ton of work and I have the utmost respect for people who build really elaborate fences out of pvc! haha

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