Building A Crypt Wall Using Foam and Magnets


One of the bigger projects I always said I would do if I ever found foam was to build a facade for my garage door. I decided to build a crypt wall of sorts I guess you could say.  I am going to panel my entire door with 8 tombs.  I needed a way to make the foam stick without being permanent or causing any damage to either my door or the foam.  I came up with the idea to use magnets attached to wood and disguising them as candle holders.  I attached large magnets to some 2x4s that I put together to act as a candle sconce of sorts. I then cut a hole in the foam exactly the same size as the magnets so that they could make good contact with my metal garage door. The idea is the magnets hold fast to the door and the pressure caused between the foam and the wood holds them firmly in place.  So far its been working well for my testing.  I still need to finish the rest of the panels, put the detail work on the tomb markers, and paint them.  Once I get some more work done I will be sure to post up some pics and even a video


In this picture you can see the magnet spaced out to make sure it sits evenly on the door while spaced away from the wood to ensure it clamps down on the foam


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